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Beginner's Oil Painting Workshop

Beginner's Oil Painting Workshop

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Paint your first oil painting in 2 hours and learn all the basics. Everything you need to kickstart your painting journey every Saturday.

If you aren't sure enough to invest in the 3 week course or you're just looking for a fun weekend activity -- this is your place. It's a no pressure, no risk investment. You are guaranteed to learn and have fun! At the end of this workshop you'll have painted your very first apple! Apples are perfect for beginners because they allow us to focus on crucial concepts like identifying planes, light, shadow, and mixing colors. 

Here's what you'll learn:

Understanding different types of oils and mediums

Understanding values, tones, and hues

Learning how to mix colors effectively

Light & shadow

Identifying planes

How to hold a brush

How to paint an apple

     *The photos are from our outdoor sessions

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