A Future with Social Media

Social media is the best thing to ever happen.

… said no one ever.

It has created immense opportunities and wealth, but at what cost?

Anxiety and Depression rates in college students have increased by 134% since the start of “phone-based childhood”.

Approximately half of U.S. adults report experiencing loneliness, with some of the highest rates among young adults.

With such staggering statistics why is it only getting worse? Why are we not making changes?

If we continue like this what can the future look like?

A future with social media means our brains are constantly stimulated, overwhelmed with information, and numb.

A future with social media means lack of community, lack of connection, feelings of isolation, lack of understanding, lack of unity, and more internal and external anger.

A future with social media means less exploration, less willingness to try, less openness, less self-confidence, and less understanding of the self.

Is this a world you want to live in?

It can be hard to let go of social media. But, the first step is awareness. Be aware of when, why, and what for you use social media.

How is Wana addressing the issue?

We are a real-world first solution. The only ways in which you can use our platform is to plan and create opportunities in your local community. There is no scrolling or swiping because we are committed to improving your mental and social health.

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