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    Unlock the power of social proof to drive conversions with our platform. Each match translates to two ticket purchases, delivering double the sales compared to platforms like Instagram or Eventbrite.

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    Gain direct access to genuinely interested audiences without the hassle of complex marketing strategies or investing substantial sums into consultants or experimental ad campaigns.

  • Feel supported

    We are building a community of small to large businesses who are all on a mission to make the world a more creative place. It's fertile ground for collaboration, learning, and shared growth.

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    We ask our partners to discount their tickets by 10% for our users. Because you are selling 2x tickets you are making 180% more compared to other platforms. We generate a personalized code for you to add to all live events.

  • Affiliate commission

    By joining our network you get to make additional commission promoting our app. For every one of your customers that downloads the app, you make up to 50% CAC. This could average at least $1000 every month of additional rev

  • Link your events

    Once you join, you can sync your Eventbrite or Instagram. No change in your current flow, all you have to do is add #wanacreate and we will automatically pick up the event and share it with matches. No extra work for you because we know how busy you are.

Are you just getting started?

If you are new to hosting workshops and events, we can help! We are looking for passionate artists who want to start teaching.