Our vision

We envision a modern-day creative renaissance where humanity has unlocked their creative potentials through connection.

Our journey

Launched November 2023 in Miami, FL

Two major events triggered the inception of Wana Create. First, we realized the power of hobbies as a way to tap into the self and creativity. The act of learning and trying something new teaches curiosity, patience, and so much more. Then, after moving to a new city, we realized the lack of connection and community. And so, we set forth to make the world a more creative place.

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  • Dhara, CEO & CTO

    I'm an engineer and artist driven by curiosity and obsessed with efficiency. I love learning new things and am currently diving into the world of sales.

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  • Hetali Mehta, CMO

    I'm a connector who loves encouraging people to make meaningful connections. I love going out of my comfort zone, and harnessing creativity to drive success.

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