Our values

Move with genuine intention

Our app’s ultimate intention is to better the mental health of our users. We make decisions from this genuine intention to help our users improve their internal and external relationships through the lens of improved creativity and curiosity.

Selfless and in service

We are selfless and in service to the universe. We understand that when we act in this nature good will naturally come to us. Although we enjoy and appreciate the monetary wealth that comes, it is not our main priority. We do what is best for Wana.

High trust model

We believe in a high trust model in which we trust our teammates to be capable. With trust comes collaboration and respect. When we trust others, we are able to detach from fear of failure and step into growth and success mindsets.

Fail often, learn often

We teach others to be unafraid of failure and we practice the same. When we fail we try not to take it personally and instead learn from our mistakes. When we see others make mistakes, we encourage them and offer our support. Before giving feedback, we ask for permission.


We are micro pessimists but macro optimists. In our small, day-to-day actions we are meticulous and careful because we understand the possibility and impact of small mistakes. In a grander sense, we continuously choose to believe we can and will make a difference.

Simplify and make intuitive

We use our digital platform to bring people back to the real world which is why we keep the platform simple and easy to use. We design our digital platform in a way that it is accessible to all types of people.