End Doomscrolling Now

We've all been there - scrolling and scrolling to no end. It's easy to start and hard to stop. Here are some resources to help you reduce or remove screen time.


How We Feel - Feeling Tracker App

Insight Timer - Meditation Timer and Guided Meditation Talks

Brick App - Temporarily block distractions

Pomofocus - Timer for 25 minute focused sprints



Smartphone and Internet Addiction - A research paper on signs and treatment

NY Times - I’m Addicted to My Phone. How Can I Cut Back?


IRL Tools

Go to coffee shops, farmers markets or other "soft social" places to help you bask in the light of life. 

Go for a walk! Schedule a daily or weekly time where you leave your phone at home and go for a quick walk.

Journal before bed! Instead of scrolling before sleep, write about your day or write about your plans for the next day. 



This list was compiled as part of SOHO Creative Futures Fellowship's Final Showcase! This list is in correspondence with a short film title "Doom scrolling" which you can watch here.

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