How to build the right team

Building the right support system is key to your success as a small business. Hiring can be stressful, time consuming, and costly if not done right. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when building your dream team.

1. Define your values and vision

Before you can find others who believe in your business you need to make what you stand for clear. The easiest place to start is with your origin story. Why did you decide to start your business? This is your purpose. Values are pillars that stem from your purpose and help it stand strong. Here are our values and vision in case you need some examples.

2. Use your network

Start with a community you can trust to do a bit of vetting for you. Putting out flyers and using job hosting sites is great but there is nothing like a friend of a friend who you can trust. Start with your newsletter or maybe even telling your customers about your job opening! Need help writing a job post? Check out our example here.

Need more guidance? We offer 1:1 consultations for free if you are a business in our network! Come to us with your questions. We got you!

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