Understanding the Miami Art Scene

Miami is becoming increasingly known for its vibrant art scene. Here's what you need to know to tap into it and sell more tickets and gain brand awareness.

1. Miami loves to collaborate.

The art community is very supportive - especially among small businesses. Collaborations allow each brand to tap into a new community of already trusted and high value customers. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to secure brand collaborations.


2. Get in their faces.

Currently the main way people find events is through Instagram. This is why posting and reposting about your events and services is KEY. You can also use accounts that curate weekly event lists like @thirdspacesmiami or @peopleplacesthingsmiamito get yourself out there. Check out our quick guide to Instagram for small businesses.


3. Show up where they are

People will often search for XYZ near me. Optimize for these results by making sure your Google Maps and Apple Maps profiles are clean and branded. This will also add trust and value when they see your address does not appear sketchy. 

If you want help or clarity on anything let us know! You can also show up to our co-working sessions and get your questions answered. 

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