Using data to improve sales at a small business

Data analytics may seem intimidating but it can be as simple as monitoring and noticing patterns. It is essential because with data you can make smarter decisions and gain insights that otherwise would go unseen.

Step 1. Collecting data

Start by mapping out customer journeys that lead to your ultimate goal. For example, let’s take Wana. One of our journeys goes from Instagram to our website to the app store, and finally to the actual app (our goal). At each point we need to know how many people we are reaching to then understand where potential users are dropping off. There are many different data analytics tools you can use for this. If you want a personalized list of tools that can work for you, drop us a message using Magic Support on your Wana Biz dashboard.

Step 2. Identifying patterns

This step is the important part because this is what ignites change and growth. Once you have data you can find trends or recurring behaviors. For instance, you might notice that a significant number of users drop off at the app store stage or at the website. This could be an indication that this particular step needs improvement to better engage potential users. Maybe the page is missing information or maybe it’s unclear or maybe it’s off-brand.

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